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Renato "Moicano" Carneiro Signed UFC Glove - Left or Right Hand - VBB


You will receive 1 left or right handed glove based on whichever you choose to purchase.


Please email your HUMBL Wallet Address to BrianMeltzer@humbl.com.  If you do not have a HUMBL Wallet, please email BrianMeltzer@humbl.com to get set up!


*This is a stock image. The actual autograph you will receive may vary slightly due to these being hand signed.


Each glove is Verified by BLOCKS and is affixed with a tamper-evident QR Code sticker. 

The Verified by BLOCKS QR code links to the BLOCKS Registry, which is a decentralized, blockchain registry that was built as a tool for improved authentication, trade, tracking, registering, and payment of goods and services. The Verified by BLOCKS technology serves as immutable authentication or registration of your item. This can limit fraud and forgery issues for consumers.

To look up the details of your item, scan the QR code on the item to visit the BLOCK Registry. The BLOCKS Registry shows the details of the autographed item, the date/location that it was signed, blockchain data, and more. For more information about BLOCKS technology, visit https://www.blocks.io.